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Finding a new gym

I love going to the gym and exercising each week. I recently moved to a new city for work so I've just had to find a new gym. There is a lot to think about when you sign up to a new gym including what kind of contracts you need to sign up to, as well as the opening hours of the gym and the type of classes and equipment that they have on offer. This blog is a guide for gym-goers and those interested in trying out new exercise methods to be able to compare local gyms or available recreation activities to see which might best meet their needs and workout styles and patterns.

Toilet Options For Caravanners

If you fancy taking up caravanning, one of the most important accessories you'll need is a toilet.  Although most campsites offer flushing loos, you'll still need somewhere to 'go' if you venture out into the wilds.  So what are your options and how does your chemical loo work? Chemical toilets There are several types of chemical toilets to choose from.  The simplest form, which is probably best used just in emergencies, is generally referred to as the 'bucket and chuck it' loo. Read More 

What Is DIR Diving?

If you are currently undertaking diving courses, you may be interested to learn more about DIR.  DIR stands for 'Doing It Right' and is a method of scuba diving that aims to standardise diving equipment and procedures in order to help improve safety.  Here's a brief overview of DIR. Equipment A few years ago, it became fashionable to customise your dive gear, but this wide variance in setups led to many accidents, especially in emergency situations where familiarly with each other's rigging is so important. Read More 

3 Reasons to Award Participation Medals at Your School’s Next Sports Day

It's becoming more and more common for school sports days to provide participation medals for every student, even if they didn't actually win anything. Some people see this as a negative, but there are actually plenty of reasons why participation medals make sense. Here are just three. 1. Places Emphasis on Effort Many people reason that giving out participation medals means that it doesn't matter whether children win or lose. Read More